A FREE service that lets your customers buy vouchers for your products while they're quarantined at home. So you can keep the money coming in.

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StampAid is now live!

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Most frequent questions and answers

We provide this service to you FOR FREE. The only costs you incur are the credit card processing fees from Stripe which are 1.4% + 20p for UK and EU transactions* and a 40p transaction fee to cover the cost of our banking. 

To be clear: Those fees are paid once per transaction, not per item, so if someone buys 20 coffees for £40 you pay just 88p in fees, that’s 2.2%. 

*Fees may be higher for non-EU transactions please see Stripe’s website for details.

A many as you choose. There are no limits.

You get paid within 5 working days of a customer paying you. 

We set up our business 2 years ago to help small, independents like you, at a time of such huge crisis in our industry we felt compelled to try and help our customers, and potential customers, survive!

You can Link your customers to the app using this link: https://onelink.to/StampAid

We’ve also prepared some images of the app to use in social media that you can download here

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