How to: Use social media marketing for coffee shops

Over 1.5 billion people use Facebook every day and over 500 million people use instagram every day! Those numbers are big, very big, and they present a great marketing opportunity that businesses big and small are already taking advantage of. But how can you use the power of social media marketing for coffee shops?

Before we get started though, I need to bust a few myths:

2 common myths about social media marketing for coffee shops:

Myth 1: It’s all free:

Unfortunately these days are over. While you can set up a business page on most social media platform for free and post there, for free, very few people will see those posts unless you pay to promote them with advertising. For example: If your coffee shop’s page has 1000 fans on facebook, a post will typically get seen by about 1% of them, 10 people.

Myth 2: It’s all about your own pages and advertising!

This is the most dangerous myth of all. Social media isn’t just about having a page on twitter or facebook and posting a lot, it’s not about likes, or retweets or anything else like that. Social media, when done well, is good old fashioned word of mouth on steroids.

But how do you do that? How do you get your regular customers, or fans, to talk about your coffee shop on social media? Well, it just so happens we’ve put together a helpful guide.

A 3 step guide to using your fans in social media marketing for coffee shops:

Step 1: Find your fans.

This can be quite simple. Your regular customers are your fans, you just need to reach them. Your loyalty cards are a great way to do this. Many of coffee shops add a facebook or instagram logo to their loyalty cards in an attempt to get followers. However, my experience is that this doesn’t work too well, there are too many steps for a customer to take to actually go and follow the page, they just won’t.

Another tip is to identify your regulars, people who you see every day and get to know them. This is great when your store is very small, but it doesn’t scale up too well.

Step 2: Work out how to get your fans sharing.

People share on social media for 4 reasons:

Coffee shop marketing on social media

And the good news is you can play a role in 2 of the 4. The areas I will avoid are relationships (while a coffee shop can be a great date location, I can’t see us helping people to reconnect with long lost friends online) and self fulfilment / supporting a cause. The latter is all about feeling good because we’ve helped someone. A good example would be the Ice Bucket challenge that took off a few years ago. I would never recommend attempting to exploit a charitable cause to grow a business, so let’s move on and look at the others:

  1. Entertainment: This is easy. People love to laugh and make others laugh. A quick idea would be to run a twist on the classic Starbucks “write your name on the cup” thing, by writing funny jokes on each cup, you just buy a joke book and work through it. Easy, funny. Give it a hashtag, watch it go.
  2. Self-expression: People like to share content to define who they are. That’s why “inspirational quotes” are so popular on places like instagram. You can do this yourself: Buy a blackboard and write a new quote on it each day, give it a hashtag or a name, people will photograph it and share it. Trust me.

Neither of these things class as social media marketing for coffee shops in the traditional sense. But they will both build your business through word of mouth and social media, and they’re both easy and cheap.

Step 3: Reward fans for sharing.

This is where social media marketing for coffee shops can really come into its own! And where tools like stampapp can really help you.

With Stampapp you can offer your customers an extra stamp on their loyalty cards for sharing a post about your store on social media. On average every customer will have about 300 friends, so just a shares a day will mean you’re reaching a lot of people and all those people have been recommended your store by a friend, a much more trusted source than advertising.

example of social media marketing for coffee shops

The best bit: it’s all automated in a simple app, so all you have to do is watch it go. Not only do we promote your store by name, but the post your customer puts on facebook will have a map and links to your social media channels and website!

So what are you waiting for, get started.