For new customers:

What is Stampapp?

Stampapp is a FREE app that allows small business owners like you to run great online marketing programmes from your smartphone. We’re designed to help small, independent businesses and to be extremely easy to use. We know how busy you and your staff are already!

Why is it better than paper stamp cards

Good question. there are many but here are the three top reasons:

First off: Stampapp is totally free.

Second: Our stamps are linked to the user’s email or Facebook account. So they never lose them – even if they lose their phone and wallet.

Third (and most important): Traditional stamp cards can never tell you anything about your customers, or let you do any marketing to them, you simply hope the card is enough to get them back to your store. With Stampapp not only can you track their behaviour you can send them marketing messages too, directly to their phone or email.

Will I need to install new hardware or software?


There is no need for any EPOS integration, a laptop behind your cashdesk, an expensive tablet for your customers to play with, NOTHING. All you need to do is download the Stampapp app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. You can get started in minutes and you never need anything else.

How do I get customers to use it?

Good question! Once you’ve set up your card you want customers to use it. So you need to tell them it exists. To help you do this we offer printable marketing for your store and we even send you some high quality printed marketing materials after you setup your card (even if you’re on the free version).

We also recommend you ask your staff to tell customers about the new app encouraging them to download it.

With the app available in Android and Apple app stores it can be found and downloaded by almost any smartphone user in a few clicks.

How do I set up a new card?

Watch this dedicated video on how to setup a new card:

What rewards can I offer? Does it have to be something free?

This is your business so you can offer any reward you like. From 10% off their next purchase, to buy X get one free to something else. Be creative! And remember to think about the following factors:

How much does the reward cost you? – It’s no good if you give away a reward worth say £15 to you when the net profit you made from previous purchases to earn that reward is less than £15! – Always make sure you’re making money.

What do your competitors do? – If you’re a coffee shop and all your competition do “buy 9 get the 10th free” then maybe consider “buy 8, get the 9th free”

Encourage customers to try new things. – A great way to get customers to come back is to encourage them to try new products or services. You could create a reward that involved a free add-on (like a free croissant with your coffee or a free desert with your meal) – this hooks them into that new service and they may buy it again.

Can I really use it just with a smartphone?

YES! Nothing else needed.

Can I decide how my cards and stamps look?

YES!  – We have a range of customisation options, more on the paid version, and you’re in charge.

Can I still surprise my customers with extra stamps?

Yes! You can choose to give them a 2nd stamp, or 3rd, for any reason you like. But if we detect suspicious activity on the account we will let you know, and allow you to cancel cards to stop anyone cheating.

How do you protect me from fraud?

If our system detects suspicious activity on the account (like someone collecting a stamp when they’re nowhere near your store, or someone collecting several at once) we will let you know, and allow you to cancel cards to stop anyone cheating.

I have a question and cannot find the answer here

No problem, contact us on and one of the team will be in touch ASAP.

For existing customers:

Can I get a free trial of the premium version?

Yes! Your first 30 days of any paid account is FREE.

How do I edit a promotion or card?

You can edit details like exclusions, the look of a card or associated images in the card screen of the app. However, you can’t change fundamental things like the number of stamps required or the reward offered.

How do I setup a second store or location?

On the free version we only allow one store per account. Once you upgrade to a paid account you can add more stores from the store screen, just select “add store”.

I've lost my password, what do I do?

Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

I've just taken over a new business using Stampapp, what do I do?

Drop us an email on and we will give you a call to bring you up to speed with your account.

Tell me about your social media sharing feature

This is a great feature to help you build a social media following or gain more customers.

Simply: You can enable a feature on our app to allow customers to share your store details on Facebook in exchange for an extra stamp on their card.

Don’t worry: They can only share once for a stamp and you can turn this on and off anytime you like, but the average Facebook user has over 300 friends, so it’s a great way to build a following and word of mouth!

I need help with something not featured here

OK then contact us on and one of our customer support team will be in touch ASAP.