Here are 5 things stampapp can do, all for free, that you can’t do with paper loyalty cards:

1) Be flexible with your loyalty cards:

  • First of all: you can issue as many loyalty cards as you want, for free
  • Then you can set up 2 different offers at any one time (unlimited on the paid plan for just £15 a month)

Loyalty cards on a phone
Loyalty cards that help build social media fans

2) Be social:

Secondly allows you to offer your customers an extra stamp on their card if they share your cafe with their friends on Facebook. The average Facebook user has over 300 friends, so this can be a great marketing tool.

Don’t worry, you can choose to turn this feature on and off when you like, you’re always in control!

3) Stay in control:

  • You can time limit your offers to start and end when you like
  • And you can add any terms and conditions you like
  • It’s your choice how many stamps a customer needs (or run more complex offers on the paid plan)

Loyalty cards that keep you in control
Loyalty card app card screen

4) Build your brand and get noticed:

Not only does each loyalty card contain the address of your store, opening hours and a helpful map, you can also add custom logos and images to each card.

Or you can upgrade to one of our paid plans to access even more custom options.

5) Never get lost or forgotten

Because our stamps are digital they never get lost, even if your customer buys a new phone, all they have to do is download the app and log in, their stamps are still there.

More importantly: You can collect your customers email addresses for email marketing (if they opt in), all for free. In our premium app you will soon be able to send custom messages straight to customers phones as well!

Check out our demo to see how easy this is for your customers.

Loyalty cards on a phone