Are you a Store owner / manager or an app user?

Here you will find a series of videos to support store owners and managers with how to use Stampapp. (below) if you use an app provided by Stampapp and have some issues then please read our FAQ below:

If you’ve been collecting loyalty stamps and they’ve dissapeared then check 3 things:

  1. You haven’t logged in with a new email, this will create a new account and your stamps will still be on the old one
  2. You may have completed the card and the free offer is now on the reward tab whcih you can access from the main menu
  3. The store may have ended the promo, do check with them.

This could be one of 2 things:

  1. You have an issue with your credit or debit card and it’s being declined
  2. The store owner has not set up online payments correctly – If you try more than one card and it doesn’t work please contact the store owner.

Please note all payments are processed by Stripe and are PCI level 1 compliant

Sometimes a declined payment will still show as a “hold” on your bank’s online banking for up to 24h after it occurs, don’t worry no money has been taken. Contact your bank for more info

Stampapp provide technology to many businesses looking to take orders online, unlike deliveroo or Uber we don’t handle the delivery of the food just taking the order and payment, so you will need to contact the restaurant about that. 

If you require help with how the app works please email us on info@stampapp.me. 

If you have a problem with something specific relating to a store you shopped in or wish to request a refund, then you will need to contact them directly 

Managing your products and menus:

Here you will learn to setup and manage your products and menus in the app. Any changes you make in our back office go live instantly, no waiting around

Setting up your store:

The first thing you’ll need to do is set up your store. This content appears on the info page of your app. If you have more than one store you will need to set this up for each store. 

There are a few different ways to manage your opening hours, so be sure to take care and watch the video carefully:  
This covers what to do when you have different opening hours on the same day, eg: 12-2 and 4-6.  
Payments can be taken on collection / delivery or online.  

Managing orders

How to receive orders and connect your receipt printer.

A summary of setting up your tablet to take orders and how to manage them:    
How to export reports from our back office:    

Before starting please make sure your receipt printer is plugged in, turned on and the bluetooth is active (follow the necessary instructions with the printer) please also be sure to check the battery is properly connected if it has a battery (this is a common cause of issues) – remove the battery, check nothing is covering the points and re-insert it. Sometimes printer batteries are covered with tape or other material which prevents the printer working.


1) You can connect a printer to our Stampapp Vendor app, please search Stampapp Vendor in the app store to download it. If you can’t find it your tablet may be too old, please contact us

2) Log in with your Stampapp username and password – if you don’t have these please contact us and we can provide them. You do not need to create a new account

3) Now make sure your app is connected to the tablet’s bluetooth – open settings then bluetooth, make sure it’s turned on then find the printer and click connect. It may ask you for a pin which will have been provided with the printer

4) Open Stampapp Vendor and click the red bluetooth icon, then select the printer you want to connect. The red icon should be green when successfully connected.

5) Run a test print, if this doesn’t work open an order from the order tab in the app and run a print from there (sometimes test print fails for some reason).

6) Once an order prints check it has printed correctly, if some parts have been cut off by the printer then you need to change the padding on the printer settings, click the green bluetooth icon and select padding, then change it from 0 to 1, try again, if still not far enough change to 2.

Common issues:

If the printer fails to print check the following:

1) Is the Stampapp vendor app open on the tablet device? – the printer will not auto print if it is not. Receipts can be printed manually by opening an order and clicking print receipt – this is also true if the tablet is in sleep mode.
2) Is the printer turned on and plugged in?
3) Is the battery in the printer properly (see above)?
4) Is the printer in bluetooth range, typically a couple of meters or less and not through a wall
5) If none of the above solves the issue disconnect the printer from the tablet, turn it off, remove battery and unplug. Leave 20 seconds then turn on and re-connect.

The below video shows you how to configure what prints on your receipt and how many copies of a receipt print:

Sometimes when a printer is first connected to Stampapp the first letter of each word, or maybe the bottom couple of lines of the receipt are cut off. 

To fix this click the Bluetooth button on Stampapp Vendor, then:

  • If the first letter / letters of each word are missing: Change padding left to 1 from 0, if still missing make it 2, etc.
  • If the bottom of receipt is cut off: Change padding bottom to 1, or 2. 

Marketing, brand and loyalty cards

How to set up your loyalty cards and send messages to your customers in the app.