Covid-19: Coming through this together

We founded Stampapp to help small businesses thrive. In this extremely challenging time we're committed to helping in any way we can

Covid-19: Coming through this together

A Message to our customers:

Just a month or so ago no one could have possibly foreseen the storm that was to hit us or the drastic measures everyone from Governments to small businesses would have to beat the Coronavirus threat. 

When considering our response we’ve tried to stay true to the core of why we founded Stampapp: To help the small businesses that make up the core of our High Street and who are now under more pressure than ever.

We do not have all the answers, and as a small business ourselves we are working out what to do in much the same way you are, but you have our assurance that we are here for you now and will provide all the support we possibly can to help your businesses survive.

So, here is what we’re doing to help:

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